Ohio Title Processing Information

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I've got the title in front of me now where do I sign?:

You release the ownership of your vehicle by signing on line 1 in section 3 on the back of the title. If the vehicle is, or was financed, the lienholder’s name appears in the legal owner section and their release with counter signature is required on front of the title under the lien of discharge section. 

In order to release liability of the vehicle you need to complete the Customer Request to Cancel Vehicle Registration form. Submit this along with the license plates and a bill of sale to a Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) office. Or you can mail it to:

  • Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • Registration Section
  • P.O. Box 16521
  • Columbus, Ohio 43216-6521

  This will protect you from possible liability claims between the time the title is signed over and the ownership is transferred. 

I'm the registered owner but I can't find my title:

If you are the registered owner of the vehicle, you can apply for a duplicate title if the original has been lost stolen or mutilated. You are going to need The Application for a Certificate of Title, proper identification, and the $15 replacement fee.

If you are not able to attain a negotiable title or the paperwork for a duplicate title, we can obtain a Salvage title through the abandonment process. This process involves filing an Unclaimed Motor Vehicle Affidavit with the DMV and certified mailings to the vehicle owner of record. This option should be used as a last resort when all efforts have failed to produce a negotiable title. A written request on Provider letterhead including the names and
addresses of all owners and the ACV is required. You will also need a copy of the repair estimate.

If you are donating your vehicle to donate a car 2 charity, but you don't have the duplicate title and have no wish to obtain it, we can take care of the process for you. All you need to do is fill out the forms below and hold onto them until the tow agent comes to pickup your vehicle at which time you will hand over the keys and the forms. You will need to fill out  two notarized Powers of Attorney signed by all owners listed on the title (one to apply for the duplicate title and one to sign the duplicate title when it is received from the DMV) and a notarized lien release if applicable.

The owner of the vehicle is deceased:

In the case of a one owner death: You will need a copy of the death certificate, a release of administration and order to transfer signed by the probate judge and a properly signed title by the Executor (if there is a surviving spouse they can apply for a title in their name with a certified copy of the death certificate).

Inheritance & Probate:  A title in a deceased person’s name must be accompanied by a court order appointing fiduciary or letter of authority. This form appoints the person who is to sign for the deceased. They may be called administrator, commissioner or executor must sign for the deceased on the back of the title and have the assignment notarized. The application for title must be completed and a copy of fiduciary letters must be submitted to & retained by the clerk’s office at the time the title is transferred.

The vehicle was abandoned on my property:

In most cases we can still pick up the vehicle, if we need paperwork from you it will be in the form of your signature on a short document describing the location where the vehicle was left and your request for us to remove it. The definition for abandoned varies depending on the type of property it was left on.