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Free Pick-Up!
Free Pick Up!

Free pick up nationwide, we pick up the vehicle hassle free with no fees in all 50 States. Our agents will assist you..


Your donation is tax-deductible, the maximum you can claim is $500 unless your vehicle is auctioned for more!

A gift for you!
A gift for you!

As a thank you for inquiring about our vehicle donation program, we offer a free 2 day 3 night hotel stay voucher..

About us

Thank you for your interest in Heritage for the Blind. We are a non-profit organization whose goal is to help enable the blind and visually impaired to become independent and to participate fully in society. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, listed in the Cumulative List of Tax-Exempt Organizations Serving the Blind & Visually Impaired in the United States.

By supporting our organization with your vehicle donation, you will enable us to continue to work on our numerous projects. For example, your generous support will allow us to continue with our:

  • Medical Alert Service for the visually impaired
  • Free Benefit Search program
  • Free publication and distribution of Braille and large-print materials
  • Self Help For Vision Loss Resource Website.

Instead of trying to sell a used car or pay to have it hauled away, donate it! You receive a significant fair market value tax deduction for your car donation in Philadelphia, which will benefit you a lot more than the low amount that a used car salesman will likely offer you. Plus, you can feel great about the difference you’ll be making for people in Pennsylvania. The entire process to donate a vehicle in Philadelphia is rather quick and painless. In about 48 hours or so, you can have your car towed free! Heritage for the Blind will pick up your car so you don’t have to pay any towing fees. Heritage for the Blind also accepts your Philadelphia RV donations, your boat donations and even your motorcycle donations. And rest assured, even if your car is not operational, we can still use it for fundraising purposes so that the money for it will go to worthwhile causes.

Philadelphia is a city located in the northeastern region of the United States and has a population of over four million. It is divided into five counties and is nicknamed The City of Brotherly Love and Philly. William Penn founded the city in 1682 and was meant to be the capitol of Pennsylvania. It was the state’s capitol for quite a while and was even a national capitol during the Revolutionary War and again, when D.C. was being constructed. One of the most notable things this city is known for is being the meeting place for the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It is also the home of the Liberty Bell, great cheesecake and soft pretzels. The winters here are very cold and snowy and summers tend to get very hot.

One great place to visit would be the Liberty Bell center which holds the massive 2,080 pound bell. Here they show videos, documents and graphics to teach others more about the bell. Did you know, after the bell first broke, it was cast again as an attempt to repair it? Another cool place to check out is the Franklin Institute; prepare to be amazed at this unique and interactive museum. They have a giant human heart you can walk through, a 200 foot statue, Skybike, IMAX Theater and another 3D theatre. Then, there is Longwood Gardens. This garden has over 11,000 different plants, 17 fountains a bamboo maze and a separate indoor children’s garden. Last but not least, there is the Please Touch museum. This is a very cool place that encourages children of all ages to explore their science surroundings with their sense of touch. They have exhibits designed for specific age ranges so that children who visit can get the most out of the experience.

Philadelphia is a nice city that offers a lot of things to do and great opportunities to learn about American heritage. Plan your trip according to what kind of weather you prefer. If heat is not for you, make sure you visit during the more mild seasons of spring, fall and winter. Also, if you make your trip during the fall or winter seasons, be sure to check snow forecasts so that you do not get snowed in.
Heritage for the blind are helpful advocates for the blind and partially sighted. They teach people from all walks of life about eye health and the options that those who are blind have. This includes making sure your eyes are protected from UV rays with sunglasses,  what sort of eye diseases are out there and listings to find an ophthalmologist near you. Some other advice for protecting your eyes that they offer is to quit smoking, only wear contacts as directed, watch your weight, eat more produce and to keeping the eyes hydrated. They also provide a ton of information on legal rights for those who are visually impaired. Some of these rights include info on the Fair Housing Act, accessibility guidelines for recreational facilities, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Handbook and ADA enforcement.

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