Tennessee Title Processing Information

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I've got the title in front of me now where do I sign?:

Release ownership by signing on the back of the Tennessee Title where indicated. You do not need to sign anywhere on the front of the title unless there is an active lien holder. In the case of a lien being held on the vehicle you will need the holder of the lien to release by signing on line 2 on the front of the title.

No mandatory action is required on your behalf to release liability, but the DMV highly recommends that you fill out the Bill Of Sale form that helps to protect you between the time you vehicle is solid and the new owner transfers the registration.

I'm the registered owner but I can't find my title:

 The register owner of the vehicle can request a duplicate title applying for the duplicate title form (RV-F1315201). You will encounter a $5.50 fee for a duplicate title payable to the Tennessee Department of Revenue. Do not send cash, you must write a check to the department mentioned above.

Tennessee Department of Revenue
   Taxpayer and Vehicle Services Division
   44 Vantage Way, Suite 160
   Nashville, TN 37243-8050

If you are not able to obtain a negotiable title or the paperwork for a duplicate title, the vehicle can be sold through the Tennessee Lien Sale process. This process involves certified mailings to all owners, advertising the vehicle in the paper for a number of consecutive weeks, and filing the necessary paperwork with the
DMV. You will need notification on Provider letterhead requesting the vehicle be sold through the Lien Sale process and a lien release, if applicable. This option should be used as a last resort when all efforts have failed to produce a negotiable title.

If you want to donate your vehicle, but you don't have the title and you have no wish to obtain it we can handle the duplicate title process for you. We'll just need you to fill out the following forms and hold onto them until the towing agent comes to pickup your vehicle. 

Two notarized Powers of Attorney signed by all owners listed on the title (one to apply for the duplicate title and one to sign the duplicate title when it is received from the DMV) and a lien release if applicable.


A notarized Power of Attorney, signed by all owners.

An Application for Duplicate Title, signed by all owners.

A Lien Release (if applicable).

The owner of the vehicle is deceased:

In the case of Joint Tenancy: Right of Survivorship is presumed amongst spouses and transfer of ownership of the vehicle can be done with a certified copy of the Death Certificate and a signed title by the surviving spouse. If the Joint Ownership is other than between spouses, Right of Survivorship is noted on the title JTWROS and transfer of ownership would require the same documents as noted above.

 In the case of a probated estate: You will need a copy of the death certificate, probate papers from the court,
and a properly signed title by the person appointed by the court.

The vehicle was abandoned on my property:

In most cases we will be able to pick up the vehicle. If we need paperwork from you it will usually be in the form or your signature on a paper describing where the vehicle was left and your request for us to remove it. The process for acquiring the title for an abandoned vehicle can be long and tedious, but you won't have to worry about it because we take care of it for you.

In the state of Tennessee is possible for you to conduct what is called a REQUEST FOR VERIFICATION OF OWNERSHIP where you can obtain ownership of the  VEHICLES FOUND ABANDONED/IMMOBILE OR UNATTENDED on your property. You can download the form here.