Pennsylvania Title Processing Information

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I've got the title in front of me now where do I sign?:

Release ownership by signing on line 7, off to the right on the back of the title in the assignment of title section. If the vehicle is, or was financed, the lienholder’s name appears in the legal owner section and their release with counter signature is required on the face of the title, line 1. 

Unless you are planing on transferring the plates to another vehicle, you must return them to a PennDOT Service Center.

I'm the registered owner but I can't find my title:

The registered owner(s) of a vehicle can apply for a duplicate title if the original has been lost stolen or countered by completing the MV-38 O form. This form will need to be mail to the department along with a check or money order of $22.50 payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

If you want to donate your vehicle, but you don't have the title and have no wish to obtain a duplicate title, we can take care of the duplicate title process for you. All you have to do is fill out the forms below and keep them until the tow agent comes to pickup your car. It's important to note that the state of Pennsylvania will only mail duplicate titles to lien holders or vehicle owners. 

An Application for Duplicate title (MV 38) signed by all owners.

A notarized POA (PA Secure or generic).

Lien release (if applicable).


The owner of the vehicle is deceased:

In the case of a vehicle solely owned by the deceased: or co-owned as Tenants in Common (where the co-owner is not the spouse) and there is no presence of a will, ownership of the deceased automatically transfers to the next of kin (surviving spouse, children (18 or over), or parents). We will need a certified copy of the death certificate, a properly executed MV-39 (by the next of kin), and a properly signed title by the next of kin and the surviving owner.

In the case of Joint Tenancy with Right of Survivorship: When one owner is deceased, we require a certified copy of the death certificate, a properly executed MV-39, and a properly signed title by the surviving owner. If
ownership is between spouses, Right of Survivorship is implied.

The vehicle was abandoned on my property:

In most cases we can still pick up the vehicle, if we need paperwork from you it will be in the form of your signature on a short document describing the location where the vehicle was left and your request for us to remove it.