Michigan Title Processing Information

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I've got the title in front of me now where do I sign?:

Release ownership by signing on line 4 on the front of the title in the completed by seller section. If the vehicle is, or was financed, the lienholder’s name appears in the legal owner section and their release with counter signature is required on line 1. 

It is highly recommended that you sign over the title in your local SOS office, but if you do not it's advised to keep a copy of the front of the title for protection against possible liability claims between the time of ownership transfer.  

I'm the registered owner but I can't find my title:

Duplicate Title: The registered owner(s) of a vehicle apply for a duplicate title by  completing the Certificate of Title and Registration (TR-11L) which must be signed by the owner of the vehicle. You will need proof of ownership such as a valid Michigan license. You must send a $15.00 check (duplicate title fee) payable to the "State of Michigan" along with the form to the address below. 


Michigan Department of State
   Out of State Resident Services Unit
   7064 Crowner Drive
   Lansing, MI 48918
   (517) 322-1473


Proof of Ownership Title: If you are not able to obtain a negotiable title and have made a claim settlement
payment to the vehicle owner, we can obtain a title in the Provider’s name. We will need a copy of the cashed settlement check (front and back) and a lien release, if applicable. This process will only work if the vehicle owner’s name is included as one of the payee’s on the check and the vehicle must be title in Michigan.

 Ownership Certification: If the Provider is unable to obtain a negotiable title and the vehicle is 10 or more
model years with an ACV less than $2,500.00, the vehicle can be sold with a
TR-205 (Ownership Certification) and a TR-54 signed by a Police Agency.

Abandonment Procedure: If you are unable to obtain a negotiable title and do not have the proper Proof of
Ownership, we can obtain a sale document through the Michigan Abandonment procedure. This is a lengthy process involving notifications to the previous owners, a vehicle inspection by a police agency, and advertising the vehicle for sale. The vehicle is sold with a clear or salvage TR-52 depending on the police inspection.


The owner of the vehicle is deceased:

In the case of a one owner death: You will need a certified copy of the death certificate, an Certification of Heir
(Michigan Form TR-29), and a properly endorsed title by the heir to the vehicle (the heir can not transfer ownership
using a POA, they must sign the title).

 In the case of a probated estate: You'll  need a certified copy of the death certificate, Letters of Testamentary, and a properly endorsed title by the executor of the estate.

The vehicle was abandoned on my property:

In most cases we can still pick up the vehicle, if we need paperwork from you it will be in the form of your signature on a short document describing the location where the vehicle was left and your request for us to remove it.