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Free Pick-Up!
Free Pick Up!

Free pick up nationwide, we pick up the vehicle hassle free with no fees in all 50 States. Our agents will assist you..


Your donation is tax-deductible, the maximum you can claim is $500 unless your vehicle is auctioned for more!

A gift for you!
A gift for you!

As a thank you for inquiring about our vehicle donation program, we offer a free 2 day 3 night hotel stay voucher..

Title Guide for Donating a Vehicle to Heritage for the Blind of Sacramento, California
About us

Thank you for your interest in Heritage for the Blind. We are a non-profit organization whose goal is to help enable the blind and visually impaired to become independent and to participate fully in society. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, listed in the Cumulative List of Tax-Exempt Organizations Serving the Blind & Visually Impaired in the United States.

By supporting our organization with your vehicle donation, you will enable us to continue to work on our numerous projects. For example, your generous support will allow us to continue with our:

  • Free Benefit Search program
  • Free publication and distribution of Braille and large-print materials
  • Self Help For Vision Loss Resource Website.

Instead of trying to sell a used car or pay to have it hauled away, donate it! You receive a significant fair market value tax deduction for your car donation in Sacramento, which will benefit you a lot more than the low amount that a used car salesman will likely offer you. Plus, you can feel great about the difference you’ll be making for people in California. The entire process to donate a vehicle in Sacramento is rather quick and painless. In about 48 hours or so, you can have your car towed free! Heritage for the Blind will pick up your car so you don’t have to pay any towing fees. Heritage for the Blind also accepts your Sacramento RV donations, your boat donations and even your motorcycle donations. And rest assured, even if your car is not operational, we can still use it for fundraising purposes so that the money for it will go to worthwhile causes.

Sacramento is a city in northern California, which is in the western portion of the United States and has a population of about two million people. Their climate is Mediterranean which gives the city hot, dry summers and damp winters. Sacramento is the capitol of California, whose state tree is the California Redwood, the state flower is the Golden Poppy and the state bird is the California Valley Quail. Sacramento is known for its role in developing environmentally friendly innovations like clean fuels and solar power. The city’s most popular nicknames are “Sac-Town” and the “River City” which comes from the presence of Sacramento River and the American River. Sacramento is also known for playing a large role in the California Gold Rush.

The American River Bike Trail is regarded as a safe and beautiful biking trail that is also great for beginners which is considered fun and well marked. The American River Bike Trail would be perfect for those who participate in tandem biking. Fairytale Town is a great place for children. There a many animals there waiting to be fed, a children’s theatre, storybook telling with Mother Goose and an alphabet garden that has a plant for every letter of the alphabet. Sacramento Zoo has great entrance rates which makes the zoo a great stop that is also affordable. They exhibit mammals like monkeys and big cats such as lions, tigers and jaguars. There are notable birds to be watched here such as flamingos, African Grey parrots, ostriches, and the handsome Southern White Faced Owl. The Sacramento Zoo also has exhibits for viewing reptiles, amphibians and fish. California State Indian Museum has fun and interactive workshops that teach basket weaving, cordage making and Native American beading. They also have a store that sells hand crafted items like jewelry, dolls and wood carvings.
If you are planning a summer trip to Sacramento be sure to stop by a local winery or two. Some wineries are Perry Creek Winery, Colibri Ridge Winery & Vineyard and TooGood Estate Winery. At a winery you will have the chance to have some food and taste different types of wine. Evangeline’s is a fun store that has costumes, novelties and gag gifts as well as movie memorabilia.

Heritage for the Blind describes itself as a “Self-Help for vision loss” website. And they certainly do offer a lot of ways to learn about services but they also provide direct help as well. Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) is one notable reference that HFTB provides services to enable elderly citizens to remain in their home. Some ways that they help the elderly remain at home are programs like Meals on Wheel and Friendly Visiting which offers a friend to come see them, call and help give them a positive outlook on life. Heritage for the Blind also offers a nice assortment of large print book available for download via Some book titles are “Catching the Spirit”, “Kids and Their Bones – A Guide for Parents”, as well as “Fitness and Exercise”. They also provide resources to inform others on the legal rights of those who are visually impaired as well as disabled individuals.

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