Heritage for the Blind of Phoenix Title Guide

I've got the title in front of me now where do I sign?:

Heritage for the Blind of Phoenix - Title Guide

You sign on line 5 to the left, on the back of the Arizona title. 

You, the owner of the vehicle is solely responsible for the release of liability.  You will also want to hand over the correctly signed documents and the vehicle’s keys. Make sure to check for any unsigned
liens on title and obtain a proper lien release, if applicable.

I'm the registered owner but I can't find my title:

When an Arizona title is lost, has become illegible or mutilated you can apply for a duplicate title. In order to receive a Title and Registration Application, Form # 96-0236. You may submit the application at any MVD of authorized Third Party office or by mail to Mail Drop 555M, Motor Vehicle Division, PO Box 2100, Phoenix AZ 85001-2100.

If you don't want to handle the title process and just want to donate your car without the hassle of getting a duplicate title from the DMV we can take care of it for you. You'll just need to fill out the forms below and hold onto them until the tow agent comes to pick up your car. 

Two completed notarized Powers of Attorney signed by all owners listed on the title (one to apply for the duplicate title and one to sign the duplicate title when it is received from the DMV). If using a POA with no odometer section and the vehicle is less than 10 model years you must also include an odometer statement
signed by the owner and a Notarized Lien Release (if applicable).

The owner of the vehicle is deceased:

In the case of a probated estate:  Estates less than $50,000 or probate paperwork for estates more
than $50,000, and a properly signed title by the next of kin/executor of estate (can not use POA, must sign title).

 In the case of a probated estate:  The title will be processed according to how the heirs name(s) is stated. In the case of "and" both must sign, in the case of "or" only one of the names listed must sign off as the owner. 

The vehicle was abandoned on my property:

 In most cases we will be able to pick up the abandoned car. All we will need from you is your signature on a document stating that the vehicle was abandoned on your property. We work with a title processing agency that can mail you the necessary forms for title transfer. 


Call 602-466-7428 to donate today and receive:

Free Pick-Up!
Free Pick Up!

Free pick up nationwide, we pick up the vehicle hassle free with no fees in all 50 States. Our agents will assist you..


Your donation is tax-deductible, the maximum you can claim is $500 unless your vehicle is auctioned for more!

A gift for you!
A gift for you!

As a thank you for inquiring about our vehicle donation program, we offer a free 2 day 3 night hotel stay voucher..

About us

Thank you for your interest in Heritage for the Blind. We are a non-profit organization whose goal is to help enable the blind and visually impaired to become independent and to participate fully in society. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, listed in the Cumulative List of Tax-Exempt Organizations Serving the Blind & Visually Impaired in the United States.

By supporting our organization with your vehicle donation, you will enable us to continue to work on our numerous projects. For example, your generous support will allow us to continue with our:

  • Medical Alert Service for the visually impaired
  • Free Benefit Search program
  • Free publication and distribution of Braille and large-print materials
  • Self Help For Vision Loss Resource Website.
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